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Established in 2004, CUAC has been working with universities & has supported over 2000+ creative students to secure admissions to leading creative universities across various countries. CUAC offers free admissions assistance to students teamed with portfolio advise, university selection, applications, financial & education loan guidance to visa assistance. 

Creative Universities Application Centre integrates information on universities & courses worldwide to help students within the creative arts, fashion, design, architecture & media departments to access free information and assistance on courses & admission procedures.

It further allows students to interact with faculties & current students at various universities worldwide to gather first hand information on both academic & non academic aspects of education.

CUAC was set up to give students credible and direct information and free support on the entire application process by specialist counselors for A&D applications, portfolio guidance & careers advice.

CUAC further aims to build a strong international creative community to help further on professional progression into the industry post education.




With multitude of professional opportunities within the growing creative industries, it is important for one to understand in detail what each career option leads to and whether one has the aptitude as well as the passion to translate a liking into a professional career.

Counselors at Creative Universities Application Centre are Alumni of Global Creative Schools and industry professionals, thus giving individuals a firsthand insight into various creative careers teamed with advise on the process of identifying the right career and academic stream.

Book an appointment to meet a counsellor or have a virtual counselling. 

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Career Counselling

Over the last 16 years, we have assisted over 6000 students on successful visas through our trained visa guidance team members. Our team constantly receives information, training and advisory from relevant consulates to ensure up to date visa regulations for each country.

Our counsellors support students on visa advisory, documentation assistance & visa filling support along with documentary support from respective universities & institutions.

Visa guidance & support is completely free for all students applying through Creative Universities Application Centre.

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Portfolio forms one of the most important aspect while applying for most creative courses at both UG & PG levels, unless it is a management course within the creative department.  Ensuring the right compilation of the portfolio ensures that the student communicates his or her ability to the fullest for the university to consider the application.


At Creative Universities Application Centre, Alumni of TOP Creative Universities analyse every portfolio and further advise on each aspect of it to ensure that a successful application is made. Further, where needed students are assisted on portfolio and skill development through faculties in various cities of India.


To know more on portfolio's, book a free virtual counselling. 

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The centralised creative universities application system allows students to apply to a range of universities of their choice without having to apply to all of them separately.

Students would get advice on filling application forms, statement of purpose, letter of recommendations, project proposals & understanding the admission guidelines to ensure maximum success in being offered a place to the universities of their choice.


Further advice is given on scholarships, university selection, course counselling, non-academic details, accommodation, visa and pre and post departure guidance to all the students.

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University Applications
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Visa Guidance



Education loans allow students to ease the financial investment into their education. Loans are available to fund both the tuition fees & living expenses for both under-graduate & post-graduate studies. 

CUAC works alongside various banks to support students on availing hassle free student loans with & without mortgage.

Speak to our student loan counsellors to know more & avail free education loan support when you apply through CUAC.

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Education Loan
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